1. Placement on Agenda:

A resident or non-resident of the district, any member of the staff, or an organization operating in
the district may request the placement of a matter on the agenda provided the applicant files a
written request with the Superintendent.
To be acceptable, a written request shall include the name and address of the person or persons
making the request; the name of the organization or group represented, if any; a statement of action
to be requested of the Board; and the pertinent background information leading to the request.

2. Time and Placement on the Agenda:

The Board Chairperson, upon receipt of a properly executed request, shall set a date for inclusion of
the requested item on the agenda as soon as practicable, bearing in mind such considerations as
allowing sufficient time to gather pertinent information, to assemble members of the staff who have
sufficient knowledge of the subject, and to place the matter on the pointed agenda of a regular
meeting. The Superintendent shall notify the individual or group of the time and place of the
meeting at which the item will be considered.

3. To Speak on an Item on the Agenda:

When the chairperson announces the agenda item, persons wishing to make comments on the
agenda item shall:
     1. Stand
     2. State name and address
     3. Speak only to the specific agenda item designated by the chairperson.


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