I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Manuel T. Cabral, Jr. I am proud to serve as the Principal of the Walter E. Ranger Elementary School for the last twelve years.

I am most impressed with the positive atmosphere that one encounters upon entering the school. It is quite obvious that all the positive things I have heard and read about Ranger Elementary School are true. I look forward to meeting all the members of the school community as time goes on. Please stop by the office and say hello.

My main goal is to insure the continuation of the wonderful programs and policies that are in place. I ask for your continued assistance in this process as parental involvement and communication is crucial for the success of our school. Feel free to contact the school at any time with questions or concerns regarding our students. Also, consider participating in our PTO and becoming a member of our School Council. Your input is always most welcome. Please be assured that my door is always open and no question or concern about the education of our students is trivial!

Our school's mission statement addresses the importance of staff, parents, and students developing a partnership in education. I feel that we are doing well in our quest of accomplishing this goal. Parental cooperation and participation is vital for the continued success of our school. It is my hope that the Ranger School Parents and Community continue their tremendous support in aiding us in the day-to-day operation of the school. You are very important in your child’s education and only with your help will we continue to be successful.

Parent volunteers serve in various capacities during our school day. We have classroom volunteers who aide in instruction. We have library volunteers who enable us to get books in the hands of our students. We have people making copies to be used in class and home assignment. We also have people assisting in the various events sponsored and provided by our PTO. Thankfully, the list is endless. The input of these volunteers is greatly appreciated and plays a major role in our school’s success.

Several parents have remarked that they wish they could be more active at the school. However, their schedules do not permit this type of participation. We understand this and offer the following as ways of being involved when your child arrives home:

  • Being positive about the value of school

  • Showing concern about your child’ daily work

  • Reading to them and/or having them read to you

  • Reviewing the papers they bring home, recognizing the positive

  • Providing a place and time for your child to do homework

  • Keeping in communication with your child’s teacher(s)

Thank You,

Manuel T. Cabral Jr.