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Tiverton's K-12 mathematics curriculum was developed in 2012-13 in collaboration with educators from the Bristol-Warren Regional School Department and the Newport Public Schools.  Teacher teams from each of the districts met over the course of one year for an in-depth study of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and current research on mathematics learning.  This work was facilitated by the Charles A. Dana Center.  Full implementation began in September 2013, with support and professional development from the East Bay Educational Collaborative.  

In September 2014,  Tiverton adopted and began using the Eureka Mathematics program as a core and consistent tool for mathematics instruction.  The Tiverton School Department engages in ongoing monitoring  and professional development to inform improvements.    At this time, Eureka Mathematics is used as the core instructional program across grades K-8 as well as in all Algebra I courses.  Beginning in August 2017, Eureka Mathematics will also be used in all Geometry courses as well. 

Our teachers will soon begin the process of reviewing and updating our written curriculum in mathematics with a goal of 2018 completion.

Digital Literacy

Tiverton has benefited from a generous grant from the van Bueren Charitable Foundation with a focus on digital literacy. At each school, two teacher leaders have received nationally-renowned training as well as up-do-date technology chosen for their classrooms in order to model innovative instruction. Across the grade-spans, these teacher leaders are supporting and training their colleagues in how to best incorporate technology into instruction.

In addition, all students in grades three and four across Tiverton receive direct instruction and support in keyboarding skills.  All students in grades five, six, seven & eight have computer courses with a focus on ensuring that students understand, use and safely interact with technology, media and digital resources in real-world situations.

In 2017-18 the high school will expand it's existing computer and finance courses, to offer a full year course in Computer Science. More information can be found in the Tiverton High School Program of Studies.

‚ÄčTiverton students use Google Classroom and Google Apps for Education. Should you visit Tiverton Middle School and Tiverton High School you will see these tools in use routinely as a way our students collaborate and learn.

Science & Engineering
Teacher leaders from across Tiverton worked with the support of the Rhode Island Department of Education, the Dana Center, and several neighboring districts to study science and engineering standards and pedagogy over the course of 2012, 2013, and 2014. Together they developed the model units for science instruction in our state.

Over the course of the 2015-2016 school year, Tiverton convened a vertical science team. This team focused on the Next Generation Science Standards and worked to assess available resources at each grade span. The group found the most aligned resources available and then focused on a reasonable and sustainable plan for rolling out changes in our science units and kits.

During the 2016-2017 school year, engineering instruction was a focus at grades three, four, and seven. Sustained and ongoing professional learning was provided through both local funds and the generous support of the van Beuren Charitable Foundation and Salve Regina University.  All students in grades three, four, and seven were taught the iterative process of collaborative problem solving through engineering and design. These lessons will continue in future years.

Our middle school educators worked together in 2016 to realign and amend science units and lessons, with full implementation in 2016-2017.

Elementary teachers are currently receiving additional professional development in the area of science.  At each grade level, they are being supported to transition to new science and engineering units, lessons, and kits. They will have full implementation in 2017-2018.

At the high school, Tiverton now offers a series of three elective courses in the area of engineering. In 2017-18 the high school will also offer a full year course in Computer Science. More information can be found in the Tiverton High School Program of Studies.

Tiverton teachers will soon begin the process of reviewing and updating our written curriculum in science and engineering with a goal of 2018 completion.

Physical Education
Tiverton's K-12 curriculum for physical education was revised in 2013-2014.

Health Education
Tiverton's K-12 health curriculum was revised in 2013-2014.

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